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As buildings get more energy-efficient and complex, they also become more difficult to start-up, manage at peak efficiency and operate to satisfy occupant comfort requirements.  This is where commissioning (Cx) comes in.  IDI helps bridge the gap between planned performance and actual performance through an active and collaborative approach to commissioning.


Our thorough commissioning process follows the protocols established by ASHRAE and the Building Commissioning Association (BCA), ensuring that building systems are systematically verified and tested.  The objective of this rigorous commissioning program is to optimize the operations of the finished building and ensure that all systems are working per the Owner’s Project Requirements.  As experienced Building Commissioning providers, we emphasize collaboration with the Owner, Consultants, and Contractors to achieve a smooth transition from design, through construction, and into sustainable operation.


We can apply our commissioning process to New Buildings and have vast knowledge of the requirements for various green building rating systems such as LEED or the Manitoba Hydro Power Smart for New Buildings program


Retro-Commissioning (RCx) is a systematic process to improve an existing building’s performance.  Using a whole-building systems approach, RCx, much like an automobile tune-up, seeks to make operational improvements that improve performance while reducing emissions and energy use.  


Ongoing Commissioning (OCx) services help continuously improve building system operation by using diagnostic tools such as BMS trends, and can be applied on both new and existing buildings.  We aim to provide the tools and training for building operators to improve their building over its’ entire life cycle.


IDI is a leader in providing value through the building commissioning process, which has two fundamental pillars:


  1. We listen to Owner and stakeholder requirements, seeking to understand the operational and safety impacts the building will have on the people who rely on it.

  2. We don’t stop at identifying problems; we work with the team to find solutions.


We have an experienced team of commissioning professionals, engineers and technical staff with the ‘bench strength’ to tackle projects of any size and complexity.   


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