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We believe strongly in the advantages of energy modelling early in the design process.  Energy Modelling is useful for making trade-off decisions such as envelope design, window glazing selection, and HVAC system choices. Furthermore, energy and cost analysis can be used as inputs for a lifecycle cost analysis.


Energy Simulation services for green building rating systems such as LEED and Green Globes are provided by IDI.  Energy models for proof of compliance to the National Energy Code for Buildings and Manitoba Hydro Power Smart New Buildings Program can be developed.  In addition, energy models of existing facilities reconciled to match energy consumption history can be useful tools in evaluating energy conservation measures before the large capital investments in equipment upgrades are made.


The Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings (MECB) 2013 Performance Compliance Path requires that an energy model be developed for the proposed building and compared to the energy performance of a reference building.  The implementation of the MECB 2013 requires a Coordinating Registered Professional (CRP) to complete a declaration of professional responsibility and oversee the application process.  IDI will provide the required documentation to the CRP to show compliance to MECB under Part 8.  IDI can also act as the CRP if desired by the design team.


Energy and Water Audit services for assessing, benchmarking and auditing are provided by IDI. Whether ASHRAE Level II audits for BOMA BEST® certifications or a basic assessment, a small office or a large hospital, simple or complex systems, IDI has the expertise and knowledge base to help building owners and operators reduce and manage their energy and water consumption. 


IDI is confident in our capabilities and systems for delivering even the largest projects within budget and schedule constraints while meeting Owner’s project requirements.  We use a collaborative and integrated approach to our Energy Project Management services to help ensure on-time and on-budget projects that meet and exceed owner’s expectations.  Our corporate emphasis on sustainability ensures that life cycle considerations are always included in each project decision.


Integrated Designs Inc. can provide Measurement and Verification (M&V) services from plan development through system design, performance monitoring and reporting, including specifications and shop drawing review.  The goal of M&V is to help ensure that building systems continue to operate in accordance with design specifications and that potential problems and equipment failures are identified as quickly as possible.  Documentation as outlined in the LEED rating system can be provided.  IDI can develop a calibrated energy model based on the buildings performance if it is desired by the building owner.

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