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Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre

Integrated Designs worked with the University of Saskatchewan to develop one of Canada’s most unique and sustainable college buildings.  This project sets a new benchmark for incorporating aboriginal culture into the design of student centers. The facility was designed to ensure that Aboriginal students participate fully in university education, to encourage the integration of indigenous knowledge into the curriculum, and to work in partnership with Aboriginal communities in the realization of their outstanding potential.

Project Highlights:

  • The centre has implemented culturally appropriate features such as gender-neutral washrooms, carefully chosen colours and textures, building orientation, and mechanical considerations for indoor ceremonies.

  • The building was oriented in order to minimize the amount of trees that needed to be removed. The biomass of the trees that were removed was re-purposed for interior architectural features.

  • The efficient, round design allowed for a reduction in the wall area when compared to a square building of equal floor area.

  • Building is located in order to take advantage of sunlight for day-lighting and passive solar heat gain in the winter.

  • Energy-efficient features include an energy recovery wheel, high efficiency motors, water efficient plumbing fixtures, a high performance building envelope and energy efficient lighting & controls.

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