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Manitoba Hydro Downtown Office

Manitoba Hydro’s head office was designed and constructed to be a landmark office tower in Winnipeg. The project achieved a remarkable LEED® Platinum Certification in May 2012 and has received many other prestigious awards.

Integrated Designs Inc. (IDI) was responsible for the implementation of LEED® Best Practice and Fundamental Commissioning. Contract was awarded based upon IDI’s position as industry leaders for third party Independent commissioning, and the commissioning process became an integral part of the project management for this landmark facility. Commissioning for this world-class facility was complete when all components, systems and integrated systems passed the functional tests and performance parameters documented in the Owner's Project Requirements were achieved.

Project Highlights:
• Achieved LEED® Platinum Certification, Winner of the Council of Tall Buildings 2009 Best Tall Building Americas award.
• Established contractor buy-in early for the quality of the installation and had contractors deliver fully commissioned systems that achieve the required energy performance. Used a collaborative, constructive, and fair approach with contractors and engineers.
• Building Features: deep well geothermal system, naturally ventilated double wall construction with a solar chimney. Ventilation flows were measured by IDI, ensuring the solar chimney was correctly tuned.
• IDI went through successful audit of EAc3 by the CaGBC.

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