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Sustainability Consulting is a very broad term.  In fact, one could argue that all of the services we offer here at IDI are a form of sustainability consulting, as the main objectives are to improve the built environment.  At IDI, we strive to Implement sustainability best practices in a mindful way, through involvement in the IDP process and by identifying project appropriate strategies.


There are numerous tools, such as green building rating systems, that offer third party verification of a building’s environmental impact.  Although the LEED and Green Globes tend to be the most commonly requested rating systems, we will help our clients choose the rating system that is most appropriate for their sustainability goals.  These may include Passive House, the Living Building Challenge, the WELL Building Standard, and BOMA BEST, among others.


Certification under a green building rating system, such as LEED and Green Globes, is not necessarily suitable to all buildings and circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that a building cannot have a reduced environmental footprint.  It is our philosophy that it is possible to continually improve the built environment in a manner that is suitable to each client, by working within the project requirements and making informed decisions to deliver a high-performance building.  This approach does not necessarily entail the rigorous documentation, tracking, and certification processes that green building rating systems involve.  It does, however, include designing location appropriate, climate responsive, high-performance buildings that promote occupant well-being.  Our Sustainable Design Facilitation approach looks critically at every design decision in light of the above objectives.

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